Ilaria Capua opens the conferences of the Incontri_23 series
On September 30 with “The Words of Circular Health” by Ilaria Capua, we will kick off the rich program of “Incontri_23,” nine lectures open to the city that we have organized to celebrate an important double anniversary: the 100th anniversary of the Museum of Natural History “Giancarlo Ligabue” and 50 years of Ligabue culture. 
Saturday, September 30 at 6:30 p.m. | Museum of Natural History “Giancarlo Ligabue,” Venice
The words of circular health
The recent pandemic has revealed that we have hidden vulnerabilities and that individual health is by no means unrelated to collective and system health. The challenge we face today therefore requires us to rethink our relationship with health so that it is more conscious and sustainable. 
Ilaria Capua helps us build this path by weaving a new dialogue between past, present, and future, and she does so through some keywords that can be used as a source of inspiration, words capable of defining a new concept of health, that of circular health.

Ilaria Capua CV

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