Relevant scientific discovery for Power and Prestige
A radiocarbon test carried out at a research laboratory in Mannheim and sponsored by the Foundation – an investigation never carried out before on a similar object – proves that a Kinikini from Fiji is much older than previously supposed and could even age between 350 and 580 years.
The most accredited hypothesis is that it’s an ancient ritual relic, a discovery of great importance for the knowledge of this kind of artifacts.
As many other fine artifacts, the Kinikini was dated between the early 18th and 19th centuries but the results of the C-14 examination show with a 95.4% probability that the club is between 380 and 530 years old.
In line with our mission, “to know and make known”, we are proud to plan and carry out events that are informative but also, like this test, an opportunity for reflection and discussion by experts.
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