Neurological diseases are a full-blown evil of our society because they affect not only the patient himself, but also the family next to him. One of the most important treatments is rehabilitation.
The important novelty for the care and support of patients suffering from neurological diseases and their families is that on 19 October 2016 – at the San Camillo IRCCS Hospital Foundation in Lido di Venezia, thanks to the support of the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation and of other individual donors – it’s been inaugurated a new station equipped for telerehabilitation: a significant and highly qualified service, which represents a unicum and an exemplary case at a national and international level.

Telerehabilitation is a “distance therapy” which allows to provide a series of rehabilitation services through telecommunication technologies. The specialized operators are able to reach the patient at home, providing a complete rehabilitation treatment of the same quality and intensity as the one offered in the hospital, reducing the time associated with travel, both for operators and patients.

“There are some things that are done with the heart and others with the head. This intervention stems from both these drives: my father’s memory and his personal path in the disease and the belief that public health and scientific research are two pillars of our society, for its development and its future “.

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